Now accepting nominations for Featherstone Reid Award

Now accepting nominations for Featherstone Reid Award

Award honors innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective health care excellence in Washington

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Board of Health is accepting nominations for the Warren Featherstone Reid Award from May 1, 2015 to June 24, 2015. This prestigious award recognizes health care providers and facilities throughout Washington who exhibit exceptional quality and value in the delivery of health services.

The Board of Health encourages the nomination of outstanding health care providers and facilities that are committed to improving management practices, ensuring high-quality, increasing value, expanding access, and maximizing customer satisfaction while increasing innovation in health care for patients and families across the state.

Download the nomination form on the Featherstone Reid Award webpage, which contains information to review the nomination and award timeline, and see the list of past recipients. When the legislature created the award more than 20 years ago, leaders recognized the importance of ensuring all Washington residents had access to affordable, quality health care. The recipient of the award is chosen annually by the governor in conjunction with the secretary of health.

The legislature honored Warren Featherstone Reid, with the creation of the award in 1994. Reid dedicated his career as a public servant to improving access to quality and affordable health care. By 1993, when he retired as health policy adviser to Gov. Booth Gardner, he was established as a leading expert on health policy at the state and national levels. He served Sen. Warren G. Magnuson for almost 20 years as an aide and then chief of staff, and also was staff to the state legislature. After his retirement, he chaired the Board of Health until 1998.


Business Spotlight: Lake Stevens Vision Clinic

Business Spotlight: Lake Stevens Vision Clinic

Vision Clinic in Lake Stevens

The Importance of Eye Exams

Time catches up with us all. Healthy eyes and comfortable vision are taken for granted when we are younger. After the age of 40, regular eye examinations become increasingly more important, especially if you have a family history of glaucoma or systemic diseases such as diabetes which can cause significant, vision threatening, complications. The following eye problems are just a few of the reasons to visit your optometric physicians at Lake Stevens Vision Clinic, Inc.


The eye has an internal lens that provides us with a variable-focusing and auto-focusing mechanism allowing us almost unlimited focusing ability from distance to very near objects.More Information>>


Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common complaints of adults over age 50. Tears, which help provide a uniform optical film over the front surface of the cornea, help lubricate the cornea…. More Information>>


Diabetic retinopathy is the number one cause of adult blindness in the United States. More than 21 million Americans have diabetes, and an estimated 6 million Americans are unaware that they have the disease… More Information>>


Glaucoma can be a slowly progressing, silent, and most often symptom-less cause of blindness in older adults affecting 2% of the general population….
More Information>>


Macular degeneration is a disease in which central vision is drastically effected due to the breakdown of the central retinal tissues. The reduction in central visual acuity can be due to a slowly progressive “drying out” of the macular area…. More Information>>


Retinal detachments, although very rare, can lead to loss of central vision or complete vision loss depending on the area of the retina involved. Retinal detachments can occur at any age, but is more common between ages 50 and 60…. More Information>>


Cataracts are an unfortunate consequence of the normal aging process. Nearly 75% of all individuals between the ages of 65 and 75 will develop cataracts which will worsen with time…. More Information>>


A problem with any one or a combination of these conditions can significantly reduce the quality of your vision, and the quality of your life.

A Message from the Business:

“We are Lake Stevens Vision Clinic (located in frontier village). We offer glasses, contact lenses, eye disease treatment and management, LASIK and cataract comanagement and consultations. We happily accept all patients young and old. We accpet most vision plans and medical insurances. Our optometrist is Dr. Thuy Vo, who purchased the clinic 2 years ago from Dr. Rodney Windhorst. Visit our website” You can also give them a call at 425-334-4016.


NEW Biz Alert: Lake Stevens Pilates!

Lake Stevens Pilates Opens!

“We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Lake Stevens Pilates at 2010 Grade Road in downtown Lake Stevens. Lake Stevens Pilates is dedicated to quality instruction for all levels and customized workouts for each client. The owner and certified instructor Kristen Hoffman is a Lake Stevens native, former dancer, gymnast and Vikings Cheerleader. Classes begin Monday May 4.”

“Join us in celebrating the opening of the new studio Friday May 1st from 12-7pm. Meet the owner, learn about Pilates and register for classes!”

Lake Stevens Pilates


Gonorrhea counts climb 40 percent in Washington in 2014

Gonorrhea counts climb 40 percent in Washington in 2014

OLYMPIA ¾ The annual number of gonorrhea cases diagnosed in Washington rose significantly again in 2014, according to recently released state data. There were 6,136 cases in 2014, compared to 4,395 cases in 2013 – a jump of almost 40 percent. The latest increase follows a 33 percent increase from 2012 to 2013.

Rates of infection in Washington have been rising from a 2009 low of 34 cases per 100,000 people to a rate of 88 cases per 100,000 people in 2014. Despite this recent rise, Washington gonorrhea rates remain below national figures. State and local health officials have yet to learn why the number of infections keeps climbing.

“The continued increase in cases is concerning,” said Zandt Bryan, infectious disease coordinator for the department. “We’re working closely with local health partners to monitor the situation, and to share information about the importance of routine screening, getting exposed partners treated quickly, and the need to practice safe sex.”

Increases in gonorrhea diagnoses have been seen in men and women of various age groups, but young adults continue to be the most affected. Most counties around the state saw an increase in cases of the disease. However, some have seen bigger spikes. Clark, Kitsap, Snohomish, Yakima, Grant, and Spokane counties all experienced outbreaks during 2014.

Gonorrhea is the second most common sexually transmitted disease in the state after chlamydia. The disease is spread through unprotected sex with an infected partner. The infection often has no symptoms, particularly among women. If symptoms are present, they may include discharge or painful urination. Serious long-term health issues can occur if the disease isn’t treated, including pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and increased chances of HIV transmission. State health officials encourage anyone diagnosed with gonorrhea to be tested for HIV. Men who have sex with men who are diagnosed with gonorrhea are recommended to consider getting HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Local and state public health workers are working with health care professionals to ensure that people with gonorrhea and their sexual partners get appropriate testing and treatment to stop ongoing spread of the disease. Gonorrhea can cause infections in the genitals, rectum and throat. Health care providers should test all of these sites for disease, especially for men who have sex with men. The department also recommends that health care providers offer expedited partner therapy (EPT) medication to heterosexual patients. This ensures sex partners are treated quickly and avoids reinfection. Drugs that are currently available are effective against the disease, but gonorrhea can become resistant to medications.

The Department of Health urges anyone who is experiencing symptoms, or has a partner that has been diagnosed, to be tested. Sexually active individuals with multiple partners are encouraged to have routine screenings. Prevention methods include consistent and correct use of condoms, prompt treatment of partners, mutual monogamy, and abstinence.


LSPD to Host Boater Education Class

Boater Education Class

The Lake Stevens Police Department Boating Safety Officers will be teaching a free Adventures in Boating class on May9th, 2015. This class fulfills all of the requirements needed to obtain a Boater Education Card. The class, which includes The Adventures in Boating book and testing materials, is free to all Lake Stevens residents. The class will be held on May 9th, 2015. The class times will be 8 – 5 p.m. The location of the class will be at the Lake Stevens Educational ServiceCenter (12309 22nd St NE, Lake Stevens).

In 2005, legislation requiring boat operators to take a boater safety education course in order to operate a boat inWashington State was signed into law. Currently, all boaters born on or after January 1st, 1955 are required to have their Boater Education Card with them while they operate a vessel.

Operators without a Boater Education Card may operate a boat provided they are under the supervision of an adult witha Boater Education Card. Purchasers of new and used boats may operate their boats immediately and have 60 days fromthe purchase date to obtain a Boater Education Card, so long as they are carrying the notarized Bill of Sale or vesselregistration document. Boater Education Cards issued by other states will be recognized in Washington and theWashington Boater Education Card will be recognized in other states and Canada.

If you are interested in taking this class or putting your name on an interest list for additional classes, please call the LakeStevens Police Department at 425-334-9537 to reserve your spot. The class size is limited to 30 participants, so sign upearly.


Shades That Save The World

As brothers born on opposite sides of the country, Beck and Oliver ventured to build a brand that shares their unique coastal styles. With Beck having grown up in Southern California and Oliver in New England, they have worked to refine traditional California surfwear, while adding a blend of east coast design.

Their goal wasn’t just to create another clothing brand. Rather, they set out to leave a lasting impact, to be something that is more than just a label.

Balboa was founded by a generation born into a world that needs fixing. Beck and Oliver’s parents instilled in them an attitude to not take life’s simplest necessities for granted. As they grew up, they learned the value in helping others. Whether it was seeking out homeless in downtown LA or working on organic farms, the two developed an affinity for aiding those in the community that couldn’t afford proper food.

Bringing together their love for clothing and their passion for ending hunger, Balboa was born.

Balboa’s plan is simple. For every product sold, a set number of meals is donated nationwide to America’s hungry population.

We have spent months at the drawing boards, developing what we believe are some of the finest shades on the market. Our wood sunglasses are crafted with bamboo, a renewable resource that grows faster than we can keep up with. It grows three feet on average every day.

Check out the features below:

These bamboo shades are fitted with quality components including “Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision” CR-39 lenses considered the clearest lenses on the market (VIP models only or if we reach our stretch goal) or polarized CR-39 lenses. They also come equipped with a DWR (Durable water repellent) finish to ensure that they withstand every element you encounter. But we saved the best for last, each pair of bamboo sunglasses purchased directly donates 45 meals to hungry Americans!

Through working with industry experts we are also proud to launch 100% biodegradable acetate frames. Sourced from an Italian acetate manufacturer that has been in business for over a century, we are able to share with you acetate developed through an innovative new process that fuses cotton and wood fibers. This allows for superior flexibility while maintaing the frames original form through a range of temperatures.

Our brand has always been about giving back to those in need, that is why every pair of sunglasses we sell displays a unique frame stamp (located on the base of the left arm) indicating that you have directly donated 45 meals to hungry Americans.

*To comply with kickstarter’s rules and regulations all proceeds from our our campaign cannot be directly donated. They will however be used to support the foundation of our company which will directly donate meals for every product sold.

Our eyewear is handcrafted start to finish, from the selection of high quality raw materials to putting the final markings on the inside of the frame. We believe in our product and we want you to be sure that you are receiving the highest quality goods available, that is why we hand test each pair to ensure that it passes our rigorous quality standards. Put simply, if we wouldn’t wear them, we won’t sell them.

We set out to outfit the traveler and adventurer in all of us. That is why we have put so much emphasis on producing environmentally sustainable eyewear.

We couldn’t just stop at eyewear. Thats why we searched long and hard for a perfect supplier of 100% ring-spun t-shirts. Amazingly we found the perfect fit, right here in the USA. This local supplier to California apparel companies has been in business for over ten years now and we were immediately impressed by the quality of the shirts we received.

Check out the great features below:

Our eco-friendly bamboo eyewear comes in five different models for you to choose from:

 Our 100% recycled acetate frames are being shipped in two models:

To see more photos from every angle check out our website at

Check out our spring line of Basic T’s for you to choose from:

With the Stingray Package or any other package containing Designer T’s you can select from our Limited Edition Kickstarter T’s below:

Or for our Designer T Packages, your options are endless as you can choose from any T we produce!

 To see where you should pledge check out our reward table listed below:

With the mission to be more than just another label, Balboa reflects this in each and every product.

The balboa team did not want to be a company that donates a percentage of revenues to a distant charity; instead we wanted to create a system where the customer knows exactly how they have provided help. We set up our own non-profit foundation, Meals for America, which donates money to Feeding America as well as to a collection of other grassroots solutions. Every product is then stamped with a number, identifying how many meals that customer provided to hungry Americans through these donation channels.

By being transparent we hope to change the marketplace culture and enlighten people on their power as a consumer.

To Join The Campaign:


NSE Lady Titans partners with Clothes for the Cause

Lake Stevens, WA – NSE Lady Titans partners with Clothes for the Cause, a fundraising company that collects clothes in exchange for cash, for an event to raise money for their organization. They are accepting clothing and shoes of any kind, in any condition, from now through April 25th. Following the clothing drive, Clothes for the Cause will pick up the donations and provide NSE with the total of their fundraising effort, measured in dollars per pound.

“We are thrilled to be able to help the Lady Titans with this worthy cause,” said Susan Hovey. “Clothes for the Cause makes it easy for everyone in our community to contribute by collecting things, free of charge that our friends, family and neighbors already have in their houses.”

Through events, Clothes for the Cause gives community groups – churches, sports teams, school bands, and others – the opportunity to turn their friends and families’ unwanted clothes into cash, while promoting sustainability and charitable acts in their community.

Unlike the quintessential fundraiser that asks people to buy candy bars, flower bulbs or candles, Clothes for the Cause assists community groups and youth and makes a positive impact on the environment and in-need communities, without charging event participants a cent. Instead of decaying in landfills, donated items are re-worn, reused or ethically recycled both in the United States and abroad, based on best use.

Clothes for the Cause provides all necessary tools and materials to host a successful fundraiser, including informational brochures, letters and flyers to distribute to the community members, tired-and-true promotion tactics, and convenient pickup of donated items at the close of the fundraiser. Event organizers can structure their events to raise a wide range of funds to support a variety of community projects – from purchasing new soccer jerseys to rebuilding a community.

About Clothes for the Cause
Clothes for the Cause is a family-run fundraising company that collects clothing and shoes of any kind, in any condition in exchange for funds dedicated to schools, teams, clubs, community organizations, disaster relief and others. The organization has offices in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Clothes for the Cause is owned by Gemtext, a Northwest-based sustainability-focused company serving the textile recycling industry through regional partnerships. Gemtext collects unwanted textiles and recycles or repurposes the materials in domestic and international markets. For more information, contact your local Event Planner, Liz Gordon at 425-239-6478 or online at:

About NSE Titans
Our program was established to enhance the character of each player by developing their appreciation of teamwork, commitment, and personal success. Through the development of a strong work ethic, commitment to the team, and personal successes, we help prepare each student-athlete for success on the court, in the classroom, and for the ever changing challenges of life.
The NSE Titans Basketball Program was established by Ron Weems & Ryan Weems in 2007, the organization has been a member of the (AAU) Amateur Athletic Union, a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, to provide basketball skill training, exposure, competition, education help and financial assistance to some players of all levels in Washington.