Senate Honors ‘Powerhouse’ LS Eagles Softball

Senate honors Lake Stevens Eagles softball for advancing to 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

OLYMPIA – The Lake Stevens Eagles have become something of a regional softball powerhouse over the last several years.

Since 2013, the Eagles have won either gold or silver at the annual Special Olympics Washington State Softball Tournament. In 2018, the Eagles’ success landed them in the Special Olympics USA Games where they placed fourth in the nation.

On Wednesday, in recognition of this accomplishment, the state Senate ran aresolution honoring Lake Stevens for its success on the diamond.

“Having been born and raised in Lake Stevens, I can tell you that this team is a source of pride for everyone,” said Sen. Steve Hobbs, the resolution’s sponsor. “These kids worked so hard and accomplished so much. They are an inspiration to our community and it is my honor to share their accomplishments with the rest of the state.”

Seattle served as host for the 2018 Special Olympics, which marked the 50thanniversary of the games. The event drew over 4,000 athletes and coaches to the Emerald City from across the nation to compete in 14 Olympic-type events.

The Eagles made more news last spring as actor Chris Pratt, a Lake Stevens native,raised money to help the team cover expenses during their run to the national games.

“The last year has been such a rewarding experience for our whole community, but it has been extra special for the families who got to watch their sons and daughters compete at this level,” said Hobbs, whose son Truman plays for the Eagles. “I think I can speak for every parent of a Lake Stevens Eagle that this summer provided us with memories that we will never forget.”

Lake Stevens Eagles roster: Walter (Ole) Aurdal, Traci Baughman, Casey Condit, Matt Condit, Tyler Duim, Scott Hayford, Truman Hobbs, Dawson Kellar, Lance Kleisath, Xaphya Madden, Nikki Osbjornsen, Jaimi Robertson, Darrell Zimmerman.

Coaches: Patty Studdard, Chuck Griffis.


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